Saturday, August 11, 2007

My First Post

Welcome to Fragrant Fields, a blog about the way things smell.

I know, this may seem a bit far-fatched, and certainly, I won't be discussing the smell of everything -- just the things I like to smell: always perfume -- and frequently, food.

My name is Trina Wallace, and I co-founded Snowdrift Farm, a labor of love that has become an S-corp over the past 12 years. Not bad for a music major from New York, eh? At Snowdrift Farm, we are soap, lotion and perfume maniacs. My husband, Bill, is a chemist, and got me started on soapmaking back in the late 1980's. Let's just say we've progressed a bit over the years, and we are now a leading supplier of materials used in the manufacture of soaps, lotions and perfumes. From essential oils and absolutes to packaging to ethyl alcohols, you name, we've got it, or can get it. Try me!

So, what's up with this blog? Like I don't have enough to do. I love to write, though, and I really love to write about perfume. I figure it's a good way to share what I know and learn more about what I don't know. I could be all wrong about this. We'll have to wait and see how it goes, n'est pas?

I thought that a good way to start is to talk about things I know about. I love to create perfumes as well as buy them, but I thought I might start out with perfumes that are available for purchase, rather than those you make yourself. Stay tuned....first up is Fleurs d'Oranger by Serge Lutens. Then, maybe a chat about Aedes de Venustras, my most favorite perfume shop in the entire universe.

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