Saturday, September 1, 2007

Hierbas de Ibiza

Ibiza is an island located in the Mediterranean Sea and belonging to Spain. Ibiza's claim to fame is its everlasting summer of love and fun. Every summer, free spirits from all over the globe gather here to party. There are plenty of designer fragrances that invoke the name of this island, in an effort, I believe, to get you to believe you are (almost) there when you wear them. Escada's Ibiza Hippie (great name!) and Cathy Guerrera's Ibiza come to mind immediately.

Hierbas de Ibiza was the brainchild of Antonio and José Torres, two Ibizan brothers -- and jewelers. They perceived a need for a signature fragrance for the island -- from the island -- and in 2005, Hierbas de Ibiza was born.

Packaged in the apothecarian style, this "agua de colonia fresca" or eau de cologne is appealing to both men and women. Made from an artful blend of plant extracts that are indigenous to Ibiza, this colognes' fresh and sparkling citrus accord opening magically morphs into a sweet orange blossom middle and a sweet and luscious bottom. The background of jasmine, geranium and lavender gives this fragrance beautiful support and the sweet cinnamon and vanilla help keep the drydown sweet and low. Very nice.

I purchased mine at Aedes. We're going to have to see if we can knock this one off at Snowdrift Farm.

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