Monday, July 21, 2008

Blending Fragrance Oils

You can make your own fragrance oils by blending fragrance oils together or adding in essential oils, too. We've used fragrance oils that we sell at our website. Take a look at our list -- you'll be inspired to mix up a few of your own, too.

We've left the measurements on the oils used up to you. If you prefer one oil in the blend over another, use more of it. Write down everything you use and how much in a notebook for future reference.

Amber Romance + Sandalwood Vanilla
Amber Romance + Chocolate Amber
Amber Romance + Chocolate by Matsushima
Amber Romance + Aromatics Elixir
Chocolate Amber + Vanilla Bean + Patchouli EO
Stella + Chocolate Amber
Stella + Aromatics Elixir
Stella + Amber Romance
Stella + Chocolate by Matsushima
Wild Rose + Amber Romance
Wild Rose + Aromatics Elixir
Wild Rose + Sandalwood Vanilla
Wild Rose + Chocolate Amber


Jasmine & Roses + Patchouli EO
Jasmine & Roses + Vetiver EO
Fleurs d'Oranger + Amber Romance
Jasmin Neroli + Chocolate Amber


Jasmin Neroli + Wild Rose
Jasmin Neroli + Lavender Fields
Jasmin Neroli + Frangipani
Jasmin Neroli + Awapuhi Seaberry
Jasmin Neroli + Orange 5 Fold EO
Jasmin Neroli + Jasmine & Roses
Jasmin Neroli + Lovely
Jasmin Neroli + Pleasures Delight
Jasmin Neroli + Stella
Stella + Wild Rose
Puakenikeni + Frangipani
Puakenikeni + Peach Passionfruit
Puakenikeni + Awapuhi Seaberry


Black Raspberry Vanilla + Cherry
Cherry + Strawberry + True Cranberry or Pomegranate

Mojito Mixes:
Coconut Lime Verbena + Spearmint EO
Coco Mango + Spearmint EO
Frangipani + Coco Mango + Lime EO + Spearmint EO
Island Coconut + Lime EO + Spearmint EO

Demeter Cake Batter + Peach Passionflower
Demeter Cake Batter + Peach Iced Tea
Demeter Cake Batter + True Cranberry
Demeter Cake Batter + Peach Iced Tea
Demeter Cake Batter + Pear Glace
Green Apple + Ginger Snap + Vanilla Bean
Green Apple + Cinnamon Leaf EO
Island Coconut + Chocolovers + Synthetic Bitter Almond = Almond Joy
Oatmeal, Milk & Honey + Cinnamon Leaf
Papaya Basil Lime + Island Coconut
Passionfruit & Guava + Papaya Basil Lime
Peach Iced Tea + Sparkling Lemonade
Pear Glace + Island Coconut
Pear Glace + Vanilla Bean
Pear Glace + Tahitian Vanille
Pink Sugar + Tahitian Vanille
Pumpkin Spice + Vanilla Bean
Pumpkin Spice + Tahitian Vanille
Strawberry + Vanilla Bean
Strawberry + Tahitian Vanilla


Fresh Cut Grass + Citrus Sage


Sugared Spruce + Vanilla Bean
Sugared Spruce + Tahitian Vanille be continued

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