Monday, August 4, 2008

Make Our Caress Overnight Beauty Serum

Our Caress Overnight Beauty Serum contains emollients, nutrients and a skin brightener (licorice root extract) to lighten dark spots and undereye circles and rejuvenate skin.

Caress Overnight Beauty Serum

This recipe is written in "parts". A part can be any measure you'd like: teaspoons, ounces, pounds or drops.

Oil Phase

Matcha Green Tea Butter 5
Horsetail Butter 5
Citroflex 1
Planell oil 3
Evening Primrose oil 1
Jojoba oil 5
Emulsifying wax NF 8
Cyclomethicone 1

Combine the ingredients in the oil phase and melt and mix well.

Water Phase

Water 60
Hydrovance 3
SDF Hydra 1.5
Panthenol 50 % 2
Marine collagen 1
Silk Protein 1
Licorice extract 1
Optiphen 1

Combine the ingredients with the water in the order shown. Mix well after each ingredient addition. Warm slightly to 120 F.


Stella 1


Dry-Flo AF 1

Begin agitating the water phase with a stick blender. Slowly add the oil phase. Add the fragrance. Continue mixing for 1 minute. Allow the mixture and stick blender to rest for 1 to 2 minutes before mixing again.Add the fragrance during the second mixing. Add the dry Flo AF and mix well.

Pour into jars or bottles equipped with serum pumps.

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