Saturday, September 6, 2008

Talkin' Melt & Pour Soap

It's been a long two weeks since last I wrote. Sorry about that. School's started and we've had the Labor Day holiday in between, too. At this time of the year, I often think it's kind of like wiping the slate clean, tidying up and starting all over again -- my version of New Year's, I suppose.

Taking stock in our formulary, I noted that we are a little light on the melt and pour recipes, especially when you contrast it to the numbers of cold process soap recipes provided. Granted, I am a cold process soap queen -- even referred to as a master batcher (that's "batcher", not
"b-tcher") -- but there's a lot to be said for making melt and pour. Our friends at the Handcrafted Soapmaker's Guild will bestow a certificate of mastery upon both Cold Process and Melt and Pour afficiandos.

To that end, our Accounting Manager, Kaye, has undertaken the reworking of our melt and pour instructions as well as creating new melt and pour soap kits. Why our Accounting Manager? Besides accounting, Kaye has a Master's Degree in Art Education (and a degree in Phys. Ed, too). She's already devised our newest kit, Halloween Soap. The kit is available in two versions: Autumn Pumpkin and Boo Bar. Kaye has painstakingly rewritten our melt and pour instructions, including tips on advanced techniques. Take a look at Kaye's work here, on our Pumpkin Rustica soap recipe. (photo below)

Kaye has also been tooling around with some gorgeous glittery oxides we received from Englehardt and Rona, lo these many years ago. To me, they seemed like eye make-up. Bill got these samples about 5-6 years ago, and while I experimented with them in cold process soap (what haven't I put into cp soap?) and lotions, I am not a big fan of make-up, so skipped over the mineral make-up thing. Kaye found them in one of my drawers and has been creating these gorgeous melt and pour soaps, coloring them with the glitz and glamour of these oxides. I think they look terrific, but I ask you, who would ever use them? They look like works of art. Kaye's convinced we need to include these in an upcoming soap kit. So, stay tuned and look forward to more new melt and pour soap kits from Snowdrift Farm. We'd love to hear your suggestions, too.

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Anonymous said...

I am wanting to make my own room and linnen sprays using essential oils.
Can you or should I say would you be so kind as to providing me with a formulae of ingredients to do so. I would appreciate if you could email this to me.
I asume that it would be essential oil, distilled water and....?
Kind regards