Friday, August 15, 2008

Amber Resins

Almost ethereal, a delight to inhale, I am pleased to report that Snowdrift Farm has sourced not one, but two exquisite amber resins for your consideration.

Floridly fragrant, our amber resins may be used in perfumery or burned on high quality charcoals. Both resins are imported from India and are made according to closely guarded, long-held family recipes and techniques.

The two resins contain a significant amount of benzoin and vanillin crystals, which give the ambers their characteristically sweet aroma. They may also contain essential oils and beeswax. Amber resins are often employed in perfuming, providing that special, impossible-to-define note.

Miscible in Artisan's, Perfumer's or Formulator's alcohols, amber resins melt down slowly in gently warmed base oils such as jojoba or sweet almond, too. The resulting oil may be used as is or in lotions, etc. You may also rub the resin, neat, over your pulse points. Your body heat will release the luscious amber scent and fill your head with exotic and sensual thoughts.

Krshna Amber resin

Our Krshna Amber is solid at room temperature. Rich and golden-looking, this amber contains a large amount of benzoin crystals which make it look like sparkling mica. The scent is light and sweet. The kaleidoscope of odors present in each whiff make it next to impossible to tell exactly what else is in there. The scent is hypnotic. I believe I detect a very light touch of patchouli, tree resins and a touch of rose.

Ganesh Amber resin

Ganesh amber resin is ruddy-brown in color. It is also a solid at room temperature, but is more waxy to the touch than the Krshna. Its scent is more musky than floral, though there is a significant benzoin content. If I had to make one distinction between the two ambers, I would class the Krshna as a more feminine base and the Ganesh as more masculine.

Dilute the amber resin in alcohol. Use the resulting solution in perfumes. You may also use the solution as a base note or part of your base note, if you are building a scent blend. Amber is the base note found in many Oriental and Floriental type perfumes.

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