Monday, August 11, 2008

Green Cleaners

Green cleaning is all the thing. We have several good customers who own maid services and cater to those who prefer only natural cleaning techniques and supplies.

While you can purchase green cleaning supplies at markets such as Ike's Markets, Whole Foods and Trader Joe's, green cleaners are easy to make. Try our recipes and see for yourself how much fun these cleaners are to make and how nicely your home smells!

Provencal Ironing Water
Be sure to use purified or distilled water, for best results.
32 oz. distilled or purified water
1/16th to 1/8th teaspoon lavender essential oil (prefer Bulgarian)

Mix essential oil with water and shake vigorously before decanting into steam iron. For special gifts, this water, along with the laundry powder andlaundry rinse above, make a wonderful set. Great for linen collectors, and those who live away from home, like your college kids! Dispense into 16 oz. bottles with a special label: Shake vigorously before dispensing into iron.

Essence de Lavande Laundry Powder

All measures by weight (scale).

1 pound, very dry, grated cold process soap
8 oz. washing soda (not baking soda)
8 oz. boraxlavender essential oil - 1/2 oz. (I prefer lavender, but you can also use eucalyptus, or a blend.)

Mix dry ingredients in large bowl with gloved hand. Add essential oil by sprinkling on top. Mix again and dispense into containers. Ball Jars work well if you are giving these as gifts. Tie off with raffia at lid and attach a handmade tag with these instructions: For light loads, use 2 tablespoons; for sheets or heavy laundry, use 1/4 cup.

Include a wooden scoop, to complete the package.

Easy Sunny Citrus Counter Cleaner

Nothing will brighten your home more quickly than the fresh scent of citrus peel oils.
Do not use on finished wood.

7 oz. distilled white vinegar
1 oz. Perfumer's Alcohol
1 teaspoon polysorbate 20
20-30 drops lemon, lime, tangerine, grapefruit or sweet orange essential oils, or a combination

Place ingredients in a PET bottle with a sprayer attachment and shake vigorously.

Essence de Lavande Laundry Softener

All measures by volume (measuring cup).

Phase A:

32 oz. white vinegar
32 oz. baking soda
64 oz. distilled or purified water

Phase B: (optional)

1/2 oz. essential oil. (I use either eucalyptus or lavender, to go with the laundry powder.)

Mix the baking soda into the vinegar over a sink or other contained area, in a large glass or plastic jar. The two materials, when mixed together, will cause a "fizzing" reaction. Add water and essential oil and stir again. As gifts, dispense into plastic bottles and label with the following directions: Use 1/4 cup per load. Add in rinse cycle.

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